Learn to meditate using the MindType method

All courses include a 4 day training in meditations chosen for each MindType. You will also have complimentary access to our 21 day meditation challenge, online community, and live sessions with teachers. All graduates of the MindType method will be eligible to become meditation teachers and attend exclusive live events and retreats.

Or take each module as a standalone course.

Become a certified meditation teacher

At the meditation teacher institute we offer 3 levels of teacher training.

Level 1: 200 hour meditation teacher training is a standalone, multi-tradition teacher training. Graduates are certified to teach 12 meditation techniques, 3 from each of the four MindType categories. Course Open to all.

Level 2: Mastery level training in one of the four MindType categories of meditation.

Level 3: 1800 hour training in a retreat format held over three months at an MTI retreat. This training qualifies you as a master teacher in one category of meditation. Registration requires application approval. Prerequisites are a minimum of one year of consistent meditation and a mastery level (level 2) training.

Apply to join 1800 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

If you have already completed a mastery level training with MTI (or an equivalent training at another school) then you can apply to join 1800 Hour Meditation Teacher training. Vedic Meditation Teacher Training is planned to start in December 2021 (covid restrictions allowing).