Our privacy policy is simple.

We will only use your data to directly aid you to take our courses. We periodically delete old user data after students graduate or indicate that they are no longer active on our site. We have no wish to keep user data on our servers and we consider it our responsibility to delete it whenever possible.

Third party data disclosures:

We use affiliate links and google analytics on our site.

If you use a credit card for payment then some of your data will be sent to our credit card processor (Stripe or Paypal) and our mailing list provider (Mailchimp) when you sign up for a service. We also use a payment plan processor ( in conjunction with stripe for payment plans.

These services are maintained by other companies and they have their own privacy policies. Some of these services may track you across multiple sites. If you would prefer not to have your usage included in their dataset you should use a blocker service. We recommend Ghostery, Privacy Badger, and OneBlocker.

Payments made with cryptocurrencies are more private than credit cards although they can sometimes be traced across the public blockchain. If you would prefer to have maximum privacy then we recommend using Monero for payment.

You may educate yourself on privacy and tracking at the Electronic Frontier Foundation