Vedic Meditation Mastery


This is a personal course of training to get your mind and body in optimal condition for deep learning and powerful spiritual experiences. We will be examining modern and ancient understanding of Vedic knowledge through the lenses of the great scholars of Vedanta from the east and west. You’ll be completing readings, study, and critiques of the great works of Vedic literature while simultaneously opening your body and mind to the types of experiences described therein. We will be examining key ideas from neuroscience, physiology, and cosmology and how they relate to meditation. You will be given exercises in critical thought, personal exploration, memorization, ethics, and subtle perception. Many parts of this course will be personally therapeutic and you will be asked to come to it with willingness to go through all the steps to grow and change.  The amount of hands on training time will vary according to your personal needs.

If you enroll in the Vedic Meditation Mastery Teacher Track, the course will cover all the prerequisite knowledge that you need to begin your training as a Vedic Meditation teacher.




This extensive, at-home knowledge course that covers Vedic philosophy, advanced meditation practice, mind-body training to cultivate your capacity for more integrated states of consciousness, and group coaching to help you overcome your mental and physical blocks and become your best self. You can take Vedic Meditation Mastery either as a standalone course for your own growth and knowledge or as preparation to take the 1800 hour Vedic Meditation teacher training course. This course does not certify you to teach Vedic Meditation but it prepares you to take VMTT.

If you have completed the 200 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training before taking this training you will receive an Advanced Meditation Teacher Certificate upon completion of this training.


Registration open.